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Method Kusum Modak since 1996

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage combines traditional deep tissue massage with oil and assisted yoga-based stretches. For over 20 years, Ananta has been passionately dedicated to delivering and teaching the amazing and unique Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatment.

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Since 1996, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training to students. The ARYM Institute is IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) Platinum Training Provider. Our Certified Therapists are eligible to special discounted premiums and extended coverage on Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance.

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No prior experience of massage or yoga is necessary. Our training is suited for everyone, including professionals of all levels, as well as anyone with a special interest in bodywork

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What students and clients are saying about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage


Silvia Florovicova – Bratislava, Slovakia

Very special super relaxing massage to release tension and get energy moving in whole body. Can not wait to spread it around. Feel awesome when giving also when receiving it. Thank you Ananta for being so awesome as a teacher and as a human being. Love it!

Marie-Christine | Artist painter – FRANCE

"A Big Thank Ananta, for everything you brought me during this course: your listening, your availability, your big smile, your cheerfulness. I learned a lot and received a lot... I danced and laughed as I haven't done for a long time, and life and trust to others are coming back to me. You were able to restore in me the cracks, the missing feeling, the fragilities with such softness and discreet cocooning. Thanks again."

Annie Bouderlique – Pilates Instructor | Saint Brieuc, France

Ananta is a very generous trainer who can take us step by step towards the complete massage, which takes the time to adjust our gestures to bring us to the precise and efficient technique. The human aspect is present throughout the formation, which allows to arrive serenely after these 8 days intense. At the end of this course you have in your hands a wonderful massage tool and all you need to start working.

Jana Ahrens – Fashion Editor | Berlin, Germany

I took part in the therapist certificate training that Ananta gave in Berlin and it was simply amazing. Ananta is a gifted teacher who manages to highly motivate and carefully correct his students at the same time. Though I started out to learn the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage skills mainly for myself and my friends, I'm very much tempted to give it more time and space in my life, thanks to Ananta!

Emilie Camus РMasseur-Physiotherapist | Orl̩ans, France

After two weeks of intense training in Mysore, I decided to do it again as I felt this massage therapy is full of hidden treasures! The pace being very steady, and after another intense 8 days practicing with different participants, I feel I have greatly improved my technique. Joining the diploma has allowed me to better integrate all the stretches series. I appreciated the starter pack that allowed me to begin my practice immediately. Now practice continues...

Harriet Piper – Student | London, UK

"I am very happy I chose to do this course and grateful to Ananta for all his words of wisdom on massage and life in general. I have given 3 massages right after the course and everyone was already very impressed. It felt so great to be able to start my career in massage therapy right after this 8-day course and I am doing very well with AYM now...

Zoe Soong | House Wife, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My mom has had back pain for a while; today she complained about her lumbar and right thigh were in pain. After the massage, she told me that the pain was gone!

Arielle Dombasle | Actress – France

Ananta gives master massages

Jane Eastwood – Massage Therapist | UK

The teaching was done in a clear way with lots of demonstration, practice and repetition. Ananta is an inspirational teacher. I enjoyed every moment of it and have already had lots of positive feedback from my clients who I've treated with AYM.

Tyhenna Cook – Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist | Florida, USA

I have been a massage therapist for more than 15 years and joined lots of training... Ananta is one of the best teachers I came across in my career.

Jivan Richard Talbot РAyurvedic Practitioner | Montr̩al, Canada

"I accomplished the 8-day course. It is amazing how much I have learnt. The practice is great and I have proposed this new treatment to all my clients. They love Ayurvedic Yoga Massage"

Sven | Engineer – Germany

“Together with yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage helps me feel more flexible and relaxed. People feel a huge difference after a single massage. I liked the community experience quite a lot. The combination of stretching techniques and massage makes absolute sense to me and seems to have an advantage over other massage techniques I have experienced. Everyone could benefit from these techniques. Most of the stuff is easy to learn and taught within an appropriate time frame"

Lucia Garcia | Yoga Teacher – Mexico

"Great teacher and a brilliant method. Seriously the best massage I have ever had. If you think about learning a massage technique, learn this one and don't think twice. I would do it again any time"

Ajay Babbar | Yoga Teacher – Gurgaon, India

"Ananta, you have great energy that spreads easily"

Mitch Abria Joseph | Yoga Teacher – USA

"I found this training with Ananta studying Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (ARYM) has been very supportive in my knowledge of anatomy and methodology of massage. The creative visualizations and analogies that Ananta uses helps me with my understanding and theory of bodywork in enhancing the clients breathe, blood circulation and vital energy"

Jonny Long | Acteur, Philadelphia, USA

"I'm excited to utilize the skills I have learned from attending this course. Ananta has the unique ability to create a positive learning environment which encourages the development of each student based on their individual needs. I had success positive experiences working with Ananta and the other students. It was very enjoyable!"

Mathout Nicolas | Yoga Teacher & ARYM Therapist – Limoges, France

"I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn how to touch the body well and with incredible precision. I have been transformed by this training. This method has optimized my yoga teaching and my own practice"

Andrew Solomon | Writer – USA

"So many thanks Ananta — I felt sublimely relaxed and still do..."

Yukiko Takasaki | Massage and Facial Therapist – JAPAN

"Thank you Ananta, it was a great course, great experience for everybody, including for couple who wants to know how to give massage to each other."

Fabien Chuilon – Chinese Medecine Practitioner | Marges, France

Excellent training, Ananta gives classes with great attention. A training of this quality is rare ... The massage is super effective, and allows to letting go of the deep tensions and stress. I really recommend this training for anyone interested by a quality practice.

Roberta Giovedi – Massage Therapist | Edinburgh, UK

I loved the training with Ananta in London, it is so hands on and rich. I am looking forward to taking my learning to the next level soon. Thanks Ananta for your teaching, support and for sharing your experience and skills. Blessings

Mauricio Eberlein – Ashtanga Yoga Instructor | Gulmarrad, NSW, Australia

This was a life changing experience, thank you Ananta for the amazing teachings and the amazing training ! Can’t wait to do my Diploma now!

Amr Elgamal – Electronic Engineer | Cairo, Egypt

As a customer, this is the best way to relieve tension and to experience deep stretching. If you want to learn AYM, Ananta is an excellent teacher with decades of experience teaching students around the world how to become a professional. I will come back for the rest of the training. Thank you Ananta!

Line White Cassani – Ayurvedic Practitioner | Sydney, Australia

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage technique taught by Ananta is extraordinary and unique. It is a wonderful experience for both the giver and receiver. It has the power to heal the physical body and release emotional blockages. It is effective, energising and fun to practice whilst including many variations. I highly recommend this course as a positive investment in all areas. Thank you Ananta for sharing your expertise, your dedication and your fun loving attitude.

Paula Caracol – Madrid, Spain

I enjoyed the AYM course a lot and I really felt that I learned how to start to understand the body. Ananta has the knowledge to heal through this beautiful discipline and also to teach and make you love it. I really recommend it and I hope to do more courses in my life!

Line White Cassani – Ayurvedic Practitioner | Sydney, Australia

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage has the power to heal the physical body and release emotional blockages. It is effective and energising, including many assisted yoga stretches variations.

Amr Elgamal – Electronic Engineer | Cairo, Egypt

AYM is best to relieve tension and to experience deep stretching!

Sven | Engineer – Germany

“Together with yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage helps me feel more flexible and relaxed"

Vadim Azbel – Physiotherapist for Olympic Athletes | New York, USA

I am having a great success with the newly acquired Ayurvedic Yoga Massage skills.  My Athletes really love receiving this new treatment. Every single one wants to come back for more treatments. I have done 18 Ayurvedic treatments in the two weeks following the training and obviously I am getting better to it....

Yogi Esmaeil Ghassami | Karate Teacher, Nuremberg, Germany

"I have been lucky, for several years, to learn regularly Ayurvedic Yoga Massage from Ananta. As a teacher in various educational structures for more than 50 years, I know the difficulty of having a group of people with different ages. Congratulations for your skills and your patience with everyone, my dear Ananta."

Diane Von Furstenberg | Fashion Designer DVF – BELGIUM

"You have Golden hands Ananta!"

Patricia Héraud – Paris and Ibiza

I highly recommend this training for the seriousness and the great attention of Ananta towards the trainees, plus a perfect management of the class.

Cathy Moran | London – UNITED KINGDOM

"I felt the massage to be very beneficial to my body, specifically for a shoulder issue that had been bothering me for a while which was miraculously relieved after the scapula work. Also, I had pain in my left leg, which has now disappeared :)"

Cathy Moran | Massage Therapist – UNITED KINGDOM

"I felt the massage to be beneficial to my body, specifically for a shoulder issue that had been bothering me for a while which was miraculously relieved after the scapula work. Also, I had pain in my left leg, which has now disappeared. I enjoyed the friendly and informal atmosphere of the course as well as the knowledge and expertise of Ananta, our teacher. The combination of these two factors created an environment conducive to learning productively. I would certainly recommend this course to existing massage therapists of any style, as it is a very effective and still relatively unknown - I am a massage therapist and I learnt a lot from the course. I would also recommend it to anyone with a general interest in bodywork"

Laia Yanez | Yoga Teacher – SPAIN

"Excellent Course! I enjoyed every session of the course. It is an awesome technique and our teacher Ananta is amazing, with the highest experience and knowledge about this work. I would highly recommend the course to everyone, but mostly to yoga students or massage therapist that want to have more knowledge and practice about the human body and how to work in them"

Joyce Ma | Founder of Joyce Department Stores – HONG KONG

"You are always in my heart and I still think you are the best masseur I have ever had! One day, I hope we can meet again. You are the best my dear! With Love n Light"

Jade – Yoga Teacher | Paris, France

The teaching method was very complete and suitable for beginners in massage therapy. I feel confident enough to practice the AYM after only 8 days, even with so little knowledges. Ananta is an amazing teacher with an intuitive and open-hearted teaching, I will definitely recommend and keep going with ARYM next trainings. Thank you !

Rafael Strobosch | Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Practitioner

"Initially I had only planned to do my AYM Practitioner Certificate training in Goa in January. However, I quickly fell in love with the work and with Ananta’s teachings and decided to ‘bus’ to Mysore to continue with my Therapist Diploma training in February. Best decision ever! Ananta is a gifted and beautiful human being, who simply wants to spread love and light with his hands and work. The training is intense and fast paced, but fear not, you will be surrounded by a group of incredible people and, before you know, you will be on your way to spreading love and light with your own hands"

Laura Ladu – Germany

"I am so happy to have come back to do my level 5 training to deepen my understanding of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. It is great that I still have the same buzz from studying with Ananta. It was a pleasure being part of a great group of people who want to spread love and health across the globe. The teachings are very authentic and I felt validated throughout the course, and this made me feel safe. Thank you so much"

Ana Sofia Gomes | Ayurveda Practitioner – PORTUGAL

"Excellent course, more flexibility, I am feeling open and happy 🙂 I love the group energy and the knowledge of the Ananta. He is the best teacher i ever had. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to make their body's and mind's healthy and happy"

Carina Marcelin Gabriel | Hotelkeeper – FRANCE

"Great course! I would love to do another one. I was able to move my body better massaging and i have less pain in my back. I give massage with love and great pleasure. I love the atmosphere and the interaction with participants"

Ercan Isildak | Programmer – TURKEY

"Excellent course, lots of changes during and after. Much more flexible. Little fat layers are all gone. I enjoy the caring, loving atmosphere. I recommend the course definitely to yoga teachers, massage therapist who'd like to get more into stretches, healers everyone interested in a special kind of massage where the receiving part is not only passive but participates in the whole process"

Ignasi Vendrell | Therapist – SPAIN

"Excellent Course!"

Raveen Kulenthran | Energy Consultant – MALAYSIA

"It was excellent because it was delivered in a warm human way while never neglecting the importance of the technical rigor. I started to feel more relaxed giving as well as receiving. Ananta has constantly corrected my working position while giving, to avoid accumulating tension in my neck. The interaction with fellow participants and the energy of Ananta was amazing. Having gone through it, I feel it is a very holistic therapy and provides a good foundation to build on and then further move on the a niche skill"

Robert Watts | Massage Therapist – CANADA

"Excellent course which, as an already certified massage therapist, made me rethink the way I approach bodywork. I recommend this course to everyone :)"

L’Wren Scott | Fashion Designer – USA and Mick Jagger | Singer – UK

"The Ultimate Massage from Ananta! Like always"

Bev Kerzner | New York, USA

"Amazing course, although during the course there was some concern as to if i would remember it all once. I left it all came together and from the first session, I realized it was all there once put together and the sessions ran smoothly"

Ingrid Teshima | Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL

"You changed my body in 3 days, Thanks so much"

Gisele Bundchen | Top Model – BRAZIL

"Thanks Ananta for your massages, you are amazing!"

Kamal DIekelmann | Carpenter – GERMANY

"Thanks to our beautiful teacher Ananta. It looks like we have learned so much! Still in wonderland India even I am back in Denmark. I just gave my second individual session, so nice. People love this work and for me it is pure joy, I just love it!”

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Ananta and the ARYM Institute are committed to delivering the highest standard of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to clients and students