Hwa often downloads movies.

She's about the same age as I am.

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Wash your face before you go to school.

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Aspirin has no effect on the blood pressure.

She has a ring worth more than she can imagine.

Kuldip knows me well.

First, I'd like to thank God.

We're asking you not to do that.

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Don't touch my daughter!

One never knows whom one might run into.

I don't speak Ukrainian.

Guess what I just found out.

I arrived at the bus stop just after the bus left.

We don't study for life, but for school.

Beckie put his phone in his pocket.

Let's give up our plan to climb it.

Apparently, there is nothing that cannot happen today.

That's why Lois came.

He closed the door suddenly.


Bernie stayed at home all weekend.

Daryl became emotional and choked up during his retirement speech.

We searched everywhere but found nothing.


Rob drank too much wine.


I sometimes dream of my mother.

I'm very good at sailing.

I just spoke with the police.


Vern doesn't like Morton.

We have to figure out a way to keep Brad from seeing Jorge.

Ahmet told me to keep quiet.

Vegans are people who avoid products from animal sources or products tested on animals in an effort to avoid harming animals. Freegans take this a step further by recognizing that in a complex, industrial, mass-production economy driven by profit, abuses of humans, animals, and the earth abound at all levels of production (from acquisition to raw materials to production to transportation) and in just about every product we buy.

Frances was the only one who didn't know Patrick had moved to Boston.

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We'll all be together.

Thus, the ethical issue remains: Should cigarette makers be allowed to target global markets?

I can't believe that you really sold that junk for such a high price.

Have you been thinking about me, Cathrin?

That's why students love you.

I'm the oldest of the students in my class.

I have been in the hospital for the last month.

I want you to wear this one.

Jack is in complete agreement with Jill.


No matter what he may do, he will be praised.

You've got to help Hal.

Kerry tends to apologize too often.


I don't want to think about what could have happened.

Stop putting off finding a job.

I hardly remember her.

The festival is held in the second week of January every year.

Russell is a good husband and a good father.


How do I know if he likes me?

The umbrella is also a cane sometimes.

Heaven keep us from a knowledge of the secrets whispered afterwards upon the tainted wind that blew across the scene of that day's work and that night's death and suffering!


The producers hired a team of writers just to patch up the show's continuity, lest they get letters from...those people.

Where is the nearest station?

My mother prepares my meals.

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I can't leave until the job is finished.


Don't give this to anybody.


Bill got her hair fixed.


I need a new computer.


I wanted to buy a huge stuffed bear at Ken's but it was not for sale.

I hope this goes well.

The incumbent's rival is taking issue with the claim that crime was reduced by 50% under the current administration.

I feel like watching television.

Oleg is in his bedroom talking on the phone.

The dentist said I had pulpitis.

Can we talk to him now?

He has gone blind in both eyes.

We think his last name is Jackson.

He wants to impart his wisdom to you.

They're doing great.

I want a cup of iced-tea.

If we don't thoroughly examine the cause of bullying, bullying will probably never go away.

Stay with him in this room.

If you raise an eyebrow, it can mean "I want to have sex with you", but also "I find that what you just said is completely idiotic."

All the members were not present at the meeting yesterday.

I remember Kelvin well.

I'm visiting my grandmother in hospital.

She stands in great danger.

As a lark, Deirdre bought Jean-Pierre a plastic-grass hula skirt and a coconut-shell bra, momentarily forgetting that her opportunities to wear this colourful get-up would be somewhat limited.

Those people are political allies and will help each other.

Now lie still.

It has to be destroyed.

I'll marry you if you change the color of your hair.

Just give me a couple minutes.

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I will remove the labels tagging the above sentences.

That sounds racist to me.

I want you to stay with us.

Do you happen to know what time it is?

She kept walking about the room. She seemed too uneasy to sit still.

If that's so, all the better.

Sjouke had to run to catch the bus.

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You're the only one I know who doesn't get along with Betsy.

I am much too busy to see him.

It's difficult choosing between what's right and what's wrong, but you have to choose.

What color are the walls in your room?

Lui has silky smooth legs.

He is a creative, intelligent and thoughtful individual.

That doesn't work.

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This is a very important day for us.

Lucius is still a bachelor.

That elevator is for freight only.

I've been doing this for thirty years.

You should let it go.

I've never seen Brandy smile.

The prophecy came true.

It is so easy to be solemn; it is so hard to be frivolous.

Dan went to a convenience store.

A red ball is mixed in with the white ones.

Skef doesn't know how long the meeting will last.


He motioned for me to follow him.

They know we're here.

It is preferable that he gets there by tomorrow.

We shouldn't have run that red light.

The ship sank in the sea.

Drugs should be used only at the direction of a doctor.

I was very much surprised by her sudden change of mind.

We must be able to differentiate between objects and situations.

I was forced to do it.


Do you guys want to eat here?

Novo is coming into town next month.

These mittens keep my hands warm.


You've come too early.

Will you be at home this afternoon?

Everyone is concerned and worried.


You look very good.


What do you say to going on a hike next Sunday?

Ed and Werner danced all night long.

Have you caught the first toy train?

The trouble is, she's almost lost her voice.

I've got to get him home.

What Roxie did took guts.

I expected a bit more cooperation.

I prefer going out to staying at home.

He cut some branches off the oak tree.

The river winds through the forest.

In this way, the students of the university have the opportunity to expand their horizons.

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There is Mr James who they say is the richest man in the village.

I suppose you want to ask me who I was with last night.

Does the 19 bus go to Main Street?


When Milo couldn't bear the pain any longer, he went to the hospital.

I spent all day in the library.

Arriving at school, I found the race was over.

Your drinking is starting to affect the performance of your duties.

She helped us.


We stopped for food.


Michelle is Greek.

What are you doing here, Rolfe? I want you to leave.

I do not know that dance.


This part of the library is closed to the public.

It's not your problem.

He has nothing to do.

I am reading this sentence.

My wife is away for the weekend.

Can you just get Alexander some water?

I'm sorry to bother you at home.


How do you feel about your decision?

What happens next?

I bought a ticket.

You're speaking like Eco.

I no longer feel angry, just resigned.


It's not the final goal, but the process of getting there that matters.

A cold wind was blowing.

Mussolini was a dictator.


Mean men's talk is enough to imperil the world.

Let's hit the road.

His idleness resulted in the failure, and with reason.

I think she's faking.

They said storage costs were too high.