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We all find them.

When you think of something, tell me.

What pretty eyes you have!

We haven't actually discussed the problem yet.

What did one dog say to the other?


Lisa persuaded his mother to lend him the car for the weekend.

Earl scored a goal!

Everyone hopes the recession will end soon.

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He is incompetent.

I am to pick him up at five.

Give him the gun.


What does the Bible say about this?

I'll be ready in a second.

If I had money, I could buy it.

I'll try to stay on your good side, lest I get cut in two by that acerbic tongue of yours.

Broken test tubes, cracked beakers - the work of careless students in the laboratory.

Your apartment looks wonderful!

Clem is living with his uncle now.

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He likes animals.

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You know enough.

I'm going to do my homework right after dinner.

It could be her.

Are you happy with this?

If walls could talk, what stories would they tell us?

You don't know me at all.

He did his job.

The function of the press is to provide the common people with facts.

They met in secret.

You stay out of this.

Nati and I were watering the flowers, then she decided to water me!

This one is ours.

I saw Hy picking his neighbor's flowers.

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I will take both this one and that one.

I got them to help.

Do you want something to eat before your meeting with Brenda?

I couldn't understand Nicolas's explanation.

Every dollar helps.


Business people exchange cards at the beginning or end of a meeting.

The fact that he did not accept any money shows that he is an honest man.

I don't seem to be going anywhere.

Nguyen slept at our place last night.

Well, I didn't want to make you nervous.

I don't care about English, I can't even speak it!

Sue isn't at work.


Thank you for changing your clothes.

There's nothing in there.

Let him that would move the world, first move himself.

Do you really want me to do that?

I could walk.

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I make a good living.

What is cooking in the kitchen?

Celeste is my son.

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He found it very hard to keep the conversation going.

She wants to be popular.

Right-click here to download the file to your computer.

I am mooing like a cow.

Vidhyanath has psychic abilities.


Many think that Finnish is a really difficult language.

Ken told his dog to wait there.

The book is about the law.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Hotta fell asleep with his glasses on.


Did you really tell them that?


The idea formed in his mind.

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Emma has already done everything we've asked him to do.


Lorien didn't want to work overtime on Christmas Eve.

They opposed Darwin's theory of evolution.

I don't know why you're here.

I'd like to call the 'rents.

Dan knows very well how to deal with psychological warfare.

Many Belarusians came to work naked after their president asked them to "get undressed and work."

He felt the rain on his face.


You can't go with us.

The skater spun round and round on the ice.

It is good that you do not have to study so hard.

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They don't know anything about you.

Please remember to post the letter on your way home.

I would like you to be here.


This book is out of print.

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It's best to wear a cap on your head during the cold Moscow winters.

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My dream is to live peacefully in a village.

Imagination is the root of all civilization.

We've had a few casualties.

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How old are your kids?


I would've enjoyed that.

Harv says that he's in love with Kathleen.

My name is Hashimoto.

It was hot last night.

Don't forget to buy bread!

Walter looked hot and tired as he crossed the finish line.

I cannot do otherwise than obey him.

"Whose glasses are these?" "They are my father's."

It's national tell-a-lie day! And yes, I made that up.


The flowers wilt without water.


Can you help me find a good job?

Some people derive pleasure from watching horror movies.

If you want to do it, you can do it.


I have an older brother who's the same age as you.

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Ima's mother died just one week before Daniele graduated from college.

If you eat a lot, you will get fat.

There's not even one orange on the table.

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First I'll go to the bank, and then I'll buy the tickets.


Osaka is Japan's second biggest city.


I'm on my way.

Saul was very popular.

I was surprised to hear the news.

You've been very good to me.

I'm supposed to eat with Claudia this evening.


I'm not sure you can trust what he says.

Judas could no otherways betray him than by giving information where he was, and pointing him out to the officers that went to arrest him.

The next convention will take place on Wednesday two weeks from now.

You can always rely on him.

I don't know what you think.

You'll be seeing Elvis soon.

I'd like to speak with you in private.


Barbara usually calls me every Monday evening.

Have you had a chance to talk to Kim yet?

Alexis asked me if he could watch TV with me.

As soon as the argument ended, I left the office forthwith.

Our professor paid the bill for all of us.


He always ate fruit for dessert.

I wish it wasn't so hot.

I'll catch up with you guys later.

He will be punished.

Donnie is a few pounds lighter than Lynne.

I think about her often.

You should always think before you speak.

We're still together.

Turn left and you will find the cafe.

It's feared that some low-lying Pacific Island nations will disappear as seas rise as a result of global warming.

I'm far away from thinking anything bad about you; on the contrary, I'm grateful to you for expressing this accusation. The indefinite situation I've been in for two last years was morally unbearable for me.

Omar and Jun live in a bungalow.

Elias disappeared into his office.

Sometimes, I think not all humans are sentient beings.

Maybe my grandchild will be the first person to set foot on Mars.

The rear gate was open.

I can't raise our child by myself.


Finally her true talent revealed itself in that painting.

You don't want that.

The earliest known record of a comet sighting was made by an astrologer of the Chinese court in 1059 B.C.

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Lukas is going to be with you.


I think you should have it.


My business is picking up again.

I have been to the barber's.

Hughes took a shower.


The city was conquered, and he was driven out.


You look down.

Artificial tidelands are being developed on a country-wide basis.

She won't be ready.

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We're supposed to be working.

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Come on, grow up.

I asked Maria if dinner was ready.

Stephan is an egotist.

The highest wisdom is that of the heart.

There's something I want to discuss with you.

The sport of Muggle Quidditch is becoming increasingly popular around the world, particularly on university campuses.

In a country where individualism is more common, personal objections to smoking in public are usually respected.

Jon and Takao must love each other very much.

Rich says he's not concerned.