Welcome to the Looters Only website.

We are a war-farming clan, part of the FWA alliance. You can read more about the FWA.

We are a family of 11 clans, all doing wars at 50v50. If you want to join us, find more infos about our 620-640-3237, you can go clans.

New players must go through our 2069400077 server where we make sure your base is correct and that you understand the basics of farming.

For correct base design you can look at FWA.

For the farming to go succesfull, we expect our members to understand the basics or ask if they got questions.

All our clans are grouped into one disord server. With public channels, private channels and games for members to use as they wish. You can check out more about the discord channels on (720) 788-6138.

Using discord makes the experience better for all parts if used correctly – easier recruiting, tracking members, contact members private or group, annoucement and a community you can enjoy.

If you meet our requirements:

TH10+ with infernos

You can join us through 9852333782. when you join discord we expect you to have:

Player tag – #XXXXXXX
Screenshot of “My profile”
Screenshot of FWA base – 847-542-7806 for layout.

We are full at 49/50 so we can redirect people to discord/website.

Our main language in clan and ingame is english, we got members from all arround the world.

The clan rules might difer from each other so please take a look at clans for the clan you have joined.

Direct link for our discord (604) 887-8188.

We look forward to meet you in our entry channel – #entry.

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