Alice Springs Motorcycle Tours
Alice Springs Motorcycle Tours
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We offer a number of tours around central Australia.

Our selection is below, take a look and book online:

Standley Chasm

Ride out to the amazing Standley Chasm, see the sites and enjoy the local cafes. This is some of the best views Alice Springs has to offer!


Ross River resort tour

We guide you out to Ross River resort, the original 1890's Loves Creek Homestead.

Coming Soon

Alice Springs 'Around Town'

Enjoy a ride around town and take in the sights - including Telegraph Station and Anzac Hill!



A look in to what to expect!

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Some of our fleet

Meet our favorite ladies!

At one with nature

Experience nature the way you should!

Dude Factor

Getting the inner man back!

Alice Springs

Or at least her sunset

My Bike broke!

No, wait, that's a camel!

A day with the boys

Getting out on the rode with my mates.

all about us

Let me introduce myself, and why I do this!



Alice Springs motorcycle tours

Hi, my name is Pat Honan.

My wife Marion and I have travelled around the world and seen lots of amazing places.

While away overseas, we decided that rather than talking to people about how great Alice Springs is, that we would start our own motorcycle tour operation back in Alice Springs, a great way to show off our lovely Red centre and local indigenous sites, to like minded motorcyclists.

We have the most beautiful Rock and Chasms with their deep red and early colours, depending upon the sun and the time of day.

For this particular adventure, we start off early, so that we can be in the right location by midday at Stanley Chasm, then onto other locations.

So we added to our motorcycle fleet, this includes a nice selection of Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles that you will be able to choose from. You will be the rider, and your pillion will be who ever you choose, your partner, loved one, children, good mate or no one.

I have always found riding with my girl on the back of my Harley to be a nice way to spend some close time together. I guess it’s the natural bonding that forms while you are riding and the wind wrapping around the two of us, giving you sense of a street free world, that’s the time I love the most.


So from a school boy passion and a mad drag racer, to a retirement plan. For ourselves we could think of nothing better than going for a ride with you.

What better way to see the Red Centre, we look forward to riding with you.


Pat & Marion Honan

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