That feels better.

Ramadoss had no way of knowing when Tiefenthal would arrive.

Do you really expect me to give you money?

I like to see comedy in the theater.

You may come whenever it is convenient for you.

We can't put a young boy in prison.

Just how well can masks block the, even smaller than pollen, yellow sand dust? I think it much more of a nuisance than pollen.

We ought to love one another.

She dances well, but she has to move more.

Let's talk about it some more after lunch.

I'm late for dinner.

Were I younger and richer, you'd marry me.

Randell is coming up the front walk.

Your favorite color is red, right?

He went to see her the other day.

From graduation to retirement, Laowang worked as a teacher without intermission.

I don't want to seem pushy.

Socorrito asked for dismissal.

It's a well-known fact that spiders aren't insects.

Gunnar is wearing suspenders.

The scientists of Canada are revolting.

He had a good time.

Nick is coming up to Boston for a visit.

I'm thinking of going into politics.

These scissors are suitable for left and right-handed people.

I will do it myself.


He is very kind, just like you.


Our flying time tonight will be just under 6 hours, but I'll see if I can speed things up a bit.


Something's different.

Sean has started writing a novel.

I took to sleeping late in the morning.

Let's drink a few glasses of beer.

He said that the last bus leaves at 10:50 p.m.

What do you grow on your farm?

He avenged his dead father.

Kerri knew where he had parked his car.

He dumped me over the phone.

He married his daughter to a bank clerk.

I ate some Greek food at a nearby restaurant just a few days ago.

They mean trouble.

I wish I could be there with you now.


Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.

Erwin has lost his keys.

We can't let Anita keep seeing Raj.

Jarmo knows what's in the bag.

I have to hurry. My flight leaves in an hour.

We recognize coherence in texts.

Today's lesson was boring.

Try as she may, she will not be able to please him.

Her eyes were shut.

Tharen isn't coming today.

We spent a wonderful day at the beach!

I hope to graduate from university next spring.

Sing us a song, please.

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She has no chances of coming in contact with foreigners.


You must think for yourselves.

Cybotron was composing excellent music.

OK, that's enough for today.


Ricky says that he's dissatisfied with his body.

Tuesday we will go to the clubhouse.

At book sales there are always so many interesting books that I can never afford them all.

It looks like you've got another problem.

As the poet says, a little learning is a dangerous thing.

They are faster than we are.

Irwin is behaving strangely.

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They shouldn't trust Bucky.


She was the only woman.

I can't believe you're involved in this.

Some people think that there are too many lawyers in this country.

It looks like we're being ignored.

Will you do me the honor of dining with me?

Frances says he needs to talk to us about something important.

Some seldom speak unless spoken to.

I loved that book.

I don't doubt your intentions.

How did you know Masanao could do that?

Three is my lucky number.

I hope this will end soon.

The firefighter helped the car-accident victim.

He assures us that he didn't attach a false statement.

The kibbeh comes stuffed with cheese.

Can this be it?

There's so much I haven't told you yet.

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She got home exhausted today.

He said he would pay for the dinner.

Are you saying Those was wrong?


His reply was negative.

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We want to become citizens.

I'm listening.

I can't just ignore him.

When Cynthia discovered Tatoeba, he was immediately determined to make sure stoats were properly represented within the corpus.

I hankered to get out of the city for a weekend.

He knocked at the closed door.

Just leave him alone.

Her father is a policeman.

Do you have any rooms left for tonight?


Turn off the water.

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You should just talk to us.

After a brief peace, war broke out again.

I couldn't tell if you were angry or not.

We were ignorant that the store was closed on Thursdays.

I suspect you're wrong.

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I like pretty things.

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There's no doubt that he's English.

I thought Andrea would end up going to the party with Shari.

I didn't hit Barry.

I'm amazed at your fluency in English.

I decided to leave my job at the end of the month.

There's no cover charge.

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?

Toft didn't say anything at the meeting.

The people in the office will never agree.


All the best.


Oh, say your name!

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No one ever escapes from this prison.

Ariel stole Pilot's computer.

It was just a dumb mistake.

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I'm here to rescue you.

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He met Loyd.

I think it's highly unlikely that Ramesh will get custody of the kids.

I took all the coins out of my piggy bank because I didn't have any money and wasn't getting paid until next week.


The niece looks like her aunt.

She didn't want to answer my questions.

In these statistics Egypt is classed as an African nation.

She steered our efforts in the right direction.

It's too hot for us to work.


I know that you did your best.

We know each other so well that we can almost read each other's minds.

Mr Tanaka is a chivalrous man.

What do you want me to get?

I sent Vincenzo my picture.


You didn't actually lie to Archie, did you?

Randell has been through quite an ordeal.

They're the same.

We're having a mild winter.

When will Dana leave Boston?

There seems to be a mistake.

We haven't even seen it yet.


Nobody knows that better than you.

This place is near the sea.

The dress looks quite cool on you.

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I really have to get going.

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Clem is a pretty amazing person.

I thought you looked sad.

I believe you know what this is all about.

I think it's time for me to buy a decent car.

This happens to me too!

We should get rid of him.

I was thinking about going to a movie. Do you want to go with me?

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It's an art more than a science.

My father retired at the age of 65.

Idaho is famous for potatoes.

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Indeed. He is young, but smart for his age.

We have every reason to be hopeful.

I'm well ahead of schedule.


Morris grows all the vegetables he eats.

An increase in customer complaints could signal a decline in business.

The police didn't get the right guy.

There are lots of things I haven't told you yet.

We get a lot of requests.


One of the fan blades broke loose and shattered against the wall.

You won't feel me.

She just got her ears pierced.


She is an actress.

I like Japanese dishes.

Johnathan can't tell a horse from a pony.


I will call you tomorrow morning.