Which one of these people is your friend?

The prince asked the little girl why she was crying.

He observed that it would probably rain.

On New Year's Day many Japanese go to the shrine to worship.

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I'd like to remind you that you're under oath.

Herman isn't on drugs.

She's just jealous.


Brian met Old on his way to school.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the easiest.

The poor girl was on the point of death.


Dance is a beautiful part of every culture.

Wade lifts heavier weights than that.

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than Mesoamerica, for instance?

Anyway, I don't like it.

Please take another one.

If anything happens, I'll give you a call.

It wasn't serious.

How've ya' been lately?

The bus arrived empty.


The isn't often invited to parties.

I hope you got that.

She looked every inch the movie star.

What he said is by no means true.

I'm screaming.

I should not have trusted you.

You may still do it if you want to.

He's just a business associate.

If you would like me to introduce you to him, I will write him right away.

I nearly choked on a fishbone.

Hello, my friend! I haven't seen you for such a long time!

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It seems that you're not having fun in here.

It doesn't mean anything!

Why are people scared of them?

I'll be back home toward the end of the month.

I'm going to travel to Boston this weekend.

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I'd rather tell them in person.


How you can be so blind?

It is a Chinese tradition to welcome spring with flowers.

Yesterday I arrived in Tokyo.

I saw exactly that.

How about going for a drive?

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I really need to get going.


Both Gail and Earnie were rescued.

Why didn't Tigger warn us?

Pantelis wouldn't leave without telling us.

They finished the work after a week.

Alcohol mixed with energy drinks can be a dangerous combination.


Irving asked me to go to Boston with him.

It needs to be done.

She is a shade better today.

Do you fancy it is all right?

Maybe I can help you.


These are really just excuses.

Dimetry traveled under an assumed name.

I feel like I've become someone else.


I met her during my stint there.

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When will they start logging?

Children haven't learned how to self-censor, and are likely to say very inappropriate things at very inappropriate times.

I want to get these things done as quickly as possible.

Send this by airmail.

She'll love her husband forever.

The buses in Montgomery were segregated.

Hi, to all good Iranian guys.

This is a killing machine.

I am praying the time passes quickly.

The art exhibition is now being held in Kyoto.

It took all evening.

I was ignorant of his plan.

I'm used to talking about it.

Is everybody happy?

Are you having problems?

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I saw them smoking cigarettes.

What are your thoughts on this?

We're on the right track now.


Guys want to be in control all the time.

He is not man to lose heart at a single failure.

The doctor advised him not to smoke.


They were accused of supplying arms to terrorists.


That's the point you should focus on.


What a contrast between them!

To my surprise, they ate the meat raw.

He's sweet, fun and talented.


We had to react quickly.


We're the only Canadians here.

Is that what everybody wants?

Sergiu invited Luke to a party at his house.


You were pushy.


The quarrel settled, he returned home.


She doesn't make me laugh anymore.

Jim decided to major in French in college.

They were at each other's' throats.


Himawan drives a black car, right?

Our long vacation has passed all too soon.

Nobody had seen such a beautiful painting.

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I knew it would come in handy.


Why did she ask for our help?

Francois couldn't have said it better.

Hugh is three inches shorter than Barrio.

Wise, modest, contemplative, studious, never clamorous, even if a bit stubborn, he always avoided causing distress to anyone.

Doug has asked to have his name taken off the list.


We stayed there for three months.


You are to shut the door after you enter a room.

I'd do anything for Randolph.

You're deluding yourself.

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We beat them.

Edwin usually sleeps on his back.

It's important, don't you think?

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She likes cooking for her family.

I couldn't get to sleep.

My French isn't that good.

There is no room for doubt.

Let's try and get in.

He did it simply out of curiosity.

Horst certainly talks as if he knows what he's talking about.

He's a casino dealer.

You're real heroes.

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He has a good knowledge of the internal affairs of Japan.


I speak Japanese.

I think something happened to Herve.

I tried to open the door, but I couldn't as it was locked.

Maybe you can convince Ginny not to leave.

Where have you been all this time?

I am glad that the matter was settled amicably.

He came to see me in a different light.

Let's be off now.

We can't pull this off without Harvey.

Why are you so anxious?

I had a pretty happy childhood.

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Everything was brand new.

Luke ate something that made him sick.

Who did you meet?

I am 12 years old and what is this?

A factory is not suitable for a residential district.

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Malus would lend you money if you asked him to.

This is the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.

That's a safe guess.

He no longer lives here.

How much is the car that you're planning to buy?


It is highly probable that the deletion of element C will still yield the same result.


He succeeded in solving the problem.

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Why are you talking to me?

I don't want to die in jail.

Sangho was at a loose end, so he went to the pub for a few beers.

Don't ruin it for me.

Jayant closed his notebook and put it in his briefcase.

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I'll never leave you alone again.

Cary hired a new secretary.

I've got some ideas.

I'll find someone.

I'm so sorry I ask you for help at such short notice, but I didn't realize this project would be so demanding.

Sid isn't creative.

Eli didn't want to play poker.

You may use my pen.

Have you picked out a name yet for the baby?

This painting is a forgery.

What do you think about breakfast at McDonald's?

The first winner of the FIFA World Cup was Uruguay.

It's not a virus.

My surname is 'Wang.'

Would you like to go see a movie with me?

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Why is she so silent?