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If you drive carelessly, you will miss your turn.

I've already written to Joanne.

Samir and I both agreed.

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I'm here to fix the broken window.


Where is Herve now? Do you know?

What's your favorite fast food?

Steen will ruin his clothing.

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Though it's now January, it's warm like early spring.

Micheal couldn't go with us.

The tsar was the ruler of Russia.


What instrument does Laurie play?

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Will you tell me the way to his house?


I don't want to be the one to do that.


Kamiya saw how upset Siping was and decided not to say anything more.

I thought I ought to offer Jarl some help.

I'll take it into consideration.

What should I do with her?

Don't worry about such a thing.

It is true that he did it, whether by accident or by design.

Toby slipped out the back door.

Why is everyone staring at Bobbie?

I've been meaning to read this book.


I want to have a job that I love.

He seems delirious with a high fever.

My mother hates watching television.

One has to forget this bad year.

Hans has always stuck by me.

I feel much safer now.

His courage was celebrated in all the newspapers.

Shannon still drinks, but not as much as he used to.

Jarmo said he was going to write a letter to Daryl.

It is a table.

What would you recommend that I do?

She can't bring herself to throw away photo albums filled with memories of him.

All things die in time.

Betty helped her mother to cook.

Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need.

He's a pretentious boy who thinks he's better than everyone else.

We ate some petit fours in Paris.


The woman gave birth to a baby girl.

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I don't want them to come.

We need to try everything.

Your feelings are important.


'Tammi' with two m's. So that's T-A-M-M-I.

I was scouted by a model agency while walking around Shibuya.

Fred took a liking to Jane and they started seeing each other.

Can we afford to take the chance?

Everybody, get out of my house.


He made a false statement to the police.

Halloween was brought to North America by immigrants from Europe who would celebrate the harvest around a bonfire, share ghost stories, sing, and tell fortunes.

Jerrie has other things to worry about.


Deal in top of the line of goods.

We are arguing with the neighbors.

And finally, twelve points to Estonia!


Seeing his mother, the lost child burst into tears.


When he was at the acme of his career, a scandal brought about his downfall.

Ginny must've been tired.

You had a week to get this done.

Randal was placed under house arrest.

Everything that has meaning can be called language.

I heard that Judith was hospitalized.

Things break.


Harv and some other women were here for a few hours.


I'm supposed to take you to breakfast.

I teach mathematics and physics.

I can easily touch my toes.


She asked him to leave and take all his belongings.

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I took up squash only a few months ago.

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My mom baked cookies for me.

I don't think it's anybody's fault.

The patient is up and about.


Huashi and Tao invited us to spend the weekend with them.

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We all know.

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I'll be right upstairs.

Cindy is too old to work.

I could have you arrested.

I was worried about this.

I don't remember promising that.

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We stayed in Boston for three nights.

She talked him into quitting his job.

Sometimes you sound like a girl.

Are you coming back tonight?

Maybe I should check on Sam.

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Mitch takes online courses.

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I'll come by tomorrow morning.

It just isn't worth it.

How much longer do you think I have?

We really like picnics a lot.

I am quite unqualified to teach them.

Let us know where you are.

Who will pick the apples in the fall?


He didn't know the fact that everyone knew.

We need to start winning some games.

He revealed the secret to her when nobody was by.


She took a bubble bath.


Dawson said that he liked my hair.

How many computers have you had so far?

It appears that she had a nice time at the party.


It'll be sunny.


Have a good trip.

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I was compelled to leave school.

I don't understand what I'm studying for anymore.

He saved her at the cost of his own life.

If we carry on like this, we'll never get married.

Our family has some distinguished ancestors.

Let's look at this in perspective.

Cole said he'd found something.

Sriram isn't mad at you.

Did he forget the money?

If you want to succeed in life, work hard.

This was happening every winter.

Many Americans were angry about the Japanese invasion.

Sympathy is a feeling characteristic of mankind.


I'm very well, thank you.

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If Stu could've spoken French, he'd have had more fun.

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I want to talk to Cris now.

Who is this brat?

I just bought a new pair of beach shorts.

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I'm sure you know what it's like.


I have understood what you mean.

Allen didn't want to go home.

I need a bag.


Everything has a price, the good being more expensive than the bad.

Oliver actually hardly ever studies.

I didn't call.

Cool Autumn arrived.

Before we begin, are there any questions?

It is said that there will be a general election this fall.

It's an average day at work.

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How's your summer going?

Her eyes settled on the dress.

Is anybody else planning to go with us?

Bert jumped up and down.

Please don't take this lightly.

Looking at his email address, would you say he's American?

Let's ask Raman if he paid his taxes.

The question is what is it.

Accept whatever happens and you will not suffer.

Socorrito always wanted to join the air force.

The rain is finally clearing up.

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He made the children laugh.

Kristi had no family.

The arrows fell from the sky so densely, it was as if it were raining spears.


What is Shel's girlfriend's name?

I'll try and contact him now.

Fishing is not in my life.


She is a massive dimwit and inherently apathetic and incapable of rational thought.

There are many wild animals in this forest.

I'm not a centrist.

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Art thou being serious?


Where were you the night that Anatoly was murdered?


Dawn thought Kaj had been kidnapped.


I ate a hasty lunch.