I hardly recognized her.

You're aggressive.

He did it absentmindedly.

Carry these books back to the bookshelf.

What a nasty man he is!


The table was covered with paper.

The student, who failed in a test in English, was inspired by his friend's words.

I found him a bright boy.

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That statement is false.

Would you mind answering a few questions?

We met by chance at the supermarket.

Everyone else has gone home.

We got to know each other in London.


My uncle is in his forties.

Nicholas could have come to my concert, but he didn't.

It seems that something has happened.

The murderer was the gardener.

We have no concerns at all about that.

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I know that he's reading.

Thomas consulted Jinchao about the matter.

Someone left the door open.

We need to give students the tools they need to communciate in a foreign language, not simply teach them rote phrases.

He had the nerve to say that.

You keep to yourself.

There's lighting right now.

It all started the day I was born.

He came back soon.

Mayuko called me back.

She is extremely competent.

You can't see everything.

No doubt he did his best, but he didn't succeed.

Doctor: Take a chill pill and then call me in the morning.

Why is everything going wrong?

I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian.

What will I find in the box?

After the lightning, came the thunder.

Part needs a little help.

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Butler made dinner for Marion.

We just played doctor.

Can I ask you something?


You're not studying hard enough.

You did not must to take an umbrella with you.

Michel paid by credit card.


What's your favorite TV show on Monday evening?

We agreed it would be a small ceremony.

It's everything we could've hoped for.


They started hours ago.

He decided to give up smoking once and for all.

A dog chased a cat.

Please let me go with you.

You still haven't told me what your phone number is.

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Don't be afraid to trust your intuition.

No one is laughing.

Vilhelm is a real nuisance.

What did she drink?

Get him.


Will you cut it out?

Neil will know what I mean.

A man's vanity is his tenderest spot.

You're going to need help.

Are you sure that you know me?

The car is brown.

Do you have any gum?

In a way, what your friend has said is true.

It's everything we could've hoped for.

Marvin is afraid of Shannon, isn't he?

I think Julie will be all right.

Give them just enough food every day.

Shahid is an above-average student.

Erick is outraged.

Keep away from her.

I'm very glad I didn't have to do that.

Got it!

Nobody has made a decision yet.

I take it you got my message.

The war had ended.

Daniele might pull through.

He arrived to the accident scene nine hours after the crash.

Bill can play the piano better than I can.

I must go and find them.

He has the courage to speak up what he thinks right.

The following words are called pronouns and are used as the subject of a sentence. They represent a person or a thing.

You shouldn't depend too much on other people to help you.


His eye fell on the picture on the wall.

Pierette wore a silver pin on her coat.

In a word, she isn't any use.


You're making a grave mistake.


These days I am very busy.

The conference had a full house.

Where can I cash this personal check?

Can I ask a favor?

He makes it a rule to drink a glass of water before breakfast.

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What kind of insurance do you have?

I forgot to send the letter.

He's going to go and lie down for a bit.

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I suppose you'll let her go.

Tomas did it a few times.

That CD is my son's.

You don't have to go to an art school in order to be an artist.

He drove a point home to his pupils.

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I like to play golf.

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Were you surprised to see us?


The defence attorney did his best on behalf of Douglas to secure his acquittal.

Christophe wants to know what Ian is doing in Boston.

Could you loan money to my brother?


We'll handle it.

You are taller than she is.

Marie, Noemi and Maria are friends.

Nobody bore me out.

The company has sent several representatives to discuss the matter.

Mick is hiding somewhere.

Did you ask Sandeep why he did this?

You look troubled.

The tongue of a cat feels rough.


Look what Laurel got.

Tovah hasn't been to Australia for three years.

He made good use of the opportunity.

It didn't actually happen.

They've located her.

They operated an oil well.

I am interested in studying German culture.

I am peeling the celery and the potatoes.

Dr. Yukawa, the Nobel prize winner, died in 1981.

Ben is dark and handsome.

I suppose this car has cost you an arm and a leg.

I thought there was somebody in the room.

Is there a doctor here who speaks English?

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These are called shoes.

I told them about that.

You should not have done that without my approval.

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Elaine wanted to know what we were doing.

We were all anxious for his first return in ten years.

We want to make a simple change.

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I know I saw something move.

The accident occurred in a remote place.

Man is insatiably curious.

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That long-haired youth is rude.

Everybody knows Clarissa.

You might hear a pin drop.


How did that get in there?

It's a good book.

Listening to my neighbor's music at three o'clock in the morning makes me wake up in a very bad mood.

I can't see who it is.

You are a good boy.

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The school is divided into four houses which compete against each other for points.

Be careful when you pass through the street's busy traffic.

It wasn't supposed to happen.


We can eat lunch on the bus.


Ramneek likes romantic comedies.


No longer mourn for me when I am dead / Than you shall hear the surly sullen bell / Give warning to the world that I am fled.

Luke will be present.

Suzanne says he hasn't thought about it yet.

I hope nothing has happened to Carisa.

I'm sure Victor was happy.

That's not part of the plan.

I want to buy bananas.

Since I've never eaten here before, I don't know what to recommend.

Are you just getting in?


Pull me up.

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What's important is not the goal, but the journey.


Write an article based on your own experiences abroad or other people's in your own country.

Adlai is trying to say something.

Srinivas was having a good day in his new home.


Sherman never did it again.


Everything flows.