I can't repay you.

I think Evan is absent-minded.

We're expecting lousy weather today.

Toothache is one of the worst pains I've been through.

I was mixed up by the confusing explanation.

Finishing the job by Tuesday will be a piece of cake.

In the Diet, often a politician or two leave without permission when a question becomes too personal.

He is hard up for money.

Archie is a hermit.

Someone should do something.

I think that someone spiked Winston's drink.

Fill it up.

A broken mirror brings bad luck.

The card you drew was a red, wasn't it?

I think that we should take what Ahmed said earlier with a grain of salt.

The sand is burning hot.


She wants to settle down and have children.

I cannot bear her endless love.

I'd never do that.

Maybe I should give him a hand.

That person will be read out of our club.

I burned the newspaper.

I think we've heard enough.


Have you ever been to Tehran?

How can I be helpful?

Keep the kids indoors.


Who do you think can tell us the answer?

You're not going to catch Ramanan.

Love makes the world go round.

I borrowed some money from a friend.

You've never told me your name.

I didn't have to pay the full price.

You're unbiased.

I bought this bike four years ago.

I helped Everett even though I was busy.

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They were hungry.

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If the Americans had had less influence on affairs, war might well have been avoided.

Rogue was wearing the same suit as I was.

It's the first in a long series!


Do you really think I didn't know what you were doing?


You might be interested in what I'm doing now.

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Dimitry left this.

I'd like to withdraw some cash.

You have every reason to be upset with me.

I continued focussing on it, wondering if there was a way to get in and learn its secrets.

These gloves belong to her.

"Who teaches you English?" "Miss Yamada does."

That's something worth thinking about.

I've never climbed Mt. Fuji.

Many of them were kind to us.

I wanted to be with Harv all the time.

Party leaders are hammering out a proposal for political reform.


Dan had a feeling that Dale would be late.

How do you know all these things?

I am reading some books.

You can ask the child that is playing over there.

They had no alternative but to retreat.


I've never heard this song before.

Literature teaches us about humanity.

This is where human beings and animals greatly differ.

You promised me that you would take care of them.

It's quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

Socorrito hugged his dog.

You're all heart, Sho.

I am not in the least worried about it.

Is he passing stones?

I'll see if Kieran is up.

The milk tastes sour.

We used to play games like tag.

He was in a terrible state.

She likes going to the library.

I can't accept this, Niels.

The candle went out instead of having been put out.

Short hair looks better on him.

Can we talk outside a little?

My sister and I are different in every way.

She is busy preparing for the trip.

She went on picnic in spirits.


To say so should not diminish his importance.

This squirrel is hibernating.

Lenny knew Raif would like John.


There's no reason to worry.

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I can understand everything you are saying.


The police are looking for the robber.

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I saw you looking at her.

I regret kissing her.

I don't like to study languages.

Does she want to go away?

Because of the water shortage, I couldn't take a bath.


I just have a couple of questions.

Yes, Fitzpatrick. He comes from the U.S.

Raj doesn't know where Root graduated from.

Who's with them now?

They yelled.

I'd like a soda.

The Solar System has only eight planets now as Pluto, which was the ninth, has been reclassified as a dwarf planet.


He wrote a letter on a piece of paper.


Caroline thought he was doing Oskar a favor.

I have always liked the mountains.

Isn't it time for you to leave?

Does that make you happy?

I don't feel so great.


Let's see if I can't fluff up your pillow.

Write a sentence with three verbs.

If there's something that you don't understand, just ask.


Nick's words came back to bite him.

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It was the hungry bears that the villagers were afraid of.

They intend to join the two in marriage.

Brad was killed to death.


I couldn't be prouder.


A stormy life? It's fine to watch that kind of thing on TV but I wouldn't actually want to live it.

Can you account for why our team lost?

He isn't rich, but he's happy.

Do you have a shekel?

Could we have a moment of silence?

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This is same type of camera as the one I lost.

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She gave me charming embroideries.


I had not realized how important this is to you.

You ought to have done the homework.

Anne is walking up the sidewalk.

Petr is wanted for grand theft auto.

She has a great love for antique goods.

It has to be subtitled.

I gave up smoking for a year.

I'm no one special.

This road is under repair.


I became a member of the club ten years ago.


I see he's still asleep.

You might well ask her why she dislikes you.

"Is this a joke?" "Of course it's a joke!"

That, of course, does not mean that they are right.

He knows many amusing magic tricks.

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I wouldn't be too surprised if this song became a hit.


Pim is still mad at us for not doing what he requested.

I'm trying to get enough money to buy a new guitar.

We're behind schedule now.

Dannie needs a raise.

When I was your age, I was already married.

Even if we don't get lucky on the first try we can just keep fucking till I get pregnant.

He isn't hungry.

No sooner had the monkey caught sight of him than it jumped up to his shoulders.

Speech is silver, silence is gold.


She practices the piano every day.

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I have to know more about this kind of things.

Do you know any good restaurant near here?

Last year I listened to radio.

I don't blame anyone.

That's it.


He's a good person.

You're making a huge mistake.

She always runs away from her responsabilities.

He saw his home-town again only after ten years.

Randal didn't wear a uniform.


Last night he came to the party with Jane.

Let's see what will happen.

I know how scared you must've been.

Recovery was almost impossible.

Just then the phone rang.

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Marika discovered with me a new world, a new culture.


He gives a background.


Someone is standing behind the wall.

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Consult with her.